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Fleet safety: State certified defensive driving programs

Worried about workplace safety? Then taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your personnel’s safety is of paramount importance.  And that is much more important when your people are, most of the time, out on the road. Fleet safety should be your top priority; and certified defensive driving programs can help in that direction, this is the best way to dismiss a texas ticket.

It’s not only a matter of safety

The truth is that safety, which of course is above all else, is only one of the reasons that will incite you to search for certified defensive driving programs. This could also be an alternative way of dismissing a traffic ticket, as we’ll further explain below. But first, allow us to start with the basics, such as the definition of defensive driving, to set things straight. An all-around explanation is always helpful, after all.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is a type of  driving behavior that increases safety on the road and helps mitigate or eliminate the risk of an accident occurring. And that is feasible in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of other drivers on the road. Moreover, this type of driving behavior, as previously explained, can include 5 key defensive driving behaviors, such as being mindful of other drivers’ behaviors and other key tips and rules one should follow. All of these key defensive driving behaviors can be developed. And that’s where certified defensive driving programs come into the picture.

Why should I look for certified defensive driving programs for my fleet drivers?

The answer is simple. Obviously, for safety reasons, as mentioned above. But, the truth is that fleet safety also affects budget “safety” 😉. Extra expenses incurred by unexpected maintenance costs due to accidents, increased insurance rates and, of course, traffic or speeding tickets are things that need to keep fleet managers on their feet. And, if you hold such a role, you should act in a precautionary manner, to prevent situations/incidents that hurt your budget. Don’t you agree?

Let’s now take a look at what’s involved in these certified defensive driving programs; and how you can organize a training strategy for your people.

All you need to know about certified defensive driving programs

First, let’s see how you can make the most out of these driving training programs. To put it another way, how you can reap the benefits described above.

What will they learn with certified defensive driving programs?

By offering your drivers defensive training, you will more or less allow them to study the best practices with the help of experts. Learning all about safety issues on the road, the right way. In particular, the majority of certified defensive driving programs address the most common causes for crashes; and provide practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions and traffic violations. Moreover, you drivers will get the chance to learn practical ways to adjust their driving style to specific types of vehicles, such as vans or trucks. That is, provided that this one is one of your priorities. In other words, each certified defensive training center offers alternative training opportunities. You can choose and customize what you’ll be offering your drivers, based on your needs.

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